The Knight Bus is a large, violently purple triple-decker bus with gold lettering above its windscreen announcing the name of the bus[1]. When a witch or wizard holds their arm out, even if accidentally, the Knight Bus will appear with deafening noise to collect them[1]. The conductor, Stan Shunpike, wears a purple uniform to match the colour of the bus, and has a number of pimples on his face[1]. The staff proudly boasts of the bus's ability to take its riders anywhere on land, as it did not work anyplace underwater[1]. It costs eleven sickles to ride, but for thirteen one can get some hot chocolate with the ride and for fifteen they will receive an additional hot water bottle and a toothbrush in the colour of their choice[1].

The driver, Ernie Prang is elderly and does not appear to have mastered the use of a steering wheel; the bus often mounts the curb, forcing lamp-posts and letterboxes to jump away from it and then back into place as it races toward them[1].


Notes and referencesEdit

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