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Warning, This page might be vandellised. My Profile page over at Pottermore Wiki has been vandellised more than three times. Trevor88 (talk) 22:31, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

Trevor Chen
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Hello <insert name here>, I am over 10 and I am a Admin at Potter Dictionary Wiki. I started editing this wikia on the 10th of December, 2012.

I am a Regular Contributor to this wiki & the second highest editor in this wiki.[2]

For more info, check out my Pottermore wiki Profile Page(Which has been vandellised often) and read on.

Facts about me will only last about one week, the longest two.

If you are redirected here from Pottermore Wiki, It is because this page gets Updated more often, and is more mantainable.

Why do I Edit & Read Wikia?

As Relief & therapy from stress & bullying

My Important News


I forgot to say something, My Winter two week hoilday starts next week(saturday, to be precise). I probably will have more time this hoilday than my School days. Also, I have to admit that I have been losing interest in wikia and just go on it as a hobby.


I won't be leaving for at least five months but my time has been minimised due to my new addiction to Harry Potter Fanfics. I will be still trying to find people that can help improve Potter-Dictionary(this wiki) and Harry Potter Dictionary(the wiki I founded)


Sorry, I have roughly decided that I should be leaving wikia by the end of 2014. I may leave sooner, I may leave later, but I will be leaving. The reason is that wikia has impacted on my life too much after I found Harry Potter Wiki. I will be warning when I would be leaving so Hunnie Bunn can denounce my Adminship and Harry granger can be ready to be the only true editor over at Harry Potter Dictionary.


Sorry, I  have a addiction with wikia and I will have to punish myself if I exceed a time. The time will be that I am not allowed to go on wikia for more than 6 hours a week. The punishment will be blocking myself.


Sorry again, I, from tomorrow, am only available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday due to School starting again and Coaching also starting Sat with Homework.

Sorry, Trevor

For My PotterPedia News, go Here .


I am a normal person at high school. My Best Subjects are Maths & Music and worst is Visual Arts & Writing. I can't code, even though my dad studied Computer Science.

Harry Potter Knowledge

I Have read the Harry Potter Book Series and Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, & watched All the Harry Potter Films. If you have a question feel free to ask. But don't ask about Qudditch Through the Ages. I have never read it.(oh, I haven't mentioned Tales of Beddle the Bard. I haven't read it.)

Test Results

My Test Results will only be here for a few days, the longest, a week.

WAM Ratings

Potter-Dictionary:~None[3] (Highest: 12.35)

Pottermore Wiki:~84.46[3]

Harry Potter Lexicon:~40.91[3]

HarryPotter Wiki:~98.63[3]

As of 20 of June, 2013

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It's not my fault there are only 3 active users editing this wiki & 6 people that know of this wiki.

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