A vampire is a sinister creature that is feared by many wizards[1]. They have an aversion to garlic and cannot bear its presence[2]. They are, however, considered beings, but are so shady that centaurs and merpeople do not want to be classified as beings because of them[3]. Despite this, there exist Vampire Hunters, people who professionally kill vampires; one wizard at the Quidditch World Cup claimed that he was one[4], even though paragraph twelve of the Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part-Humans specifically forbids such a thing[5].

Gilderoy Lockhart wrote a book called Voyages with Vampires concerning his experiences with vampires[6]. Hermione Granger read this book, as it was necessary for that year's Defence Against the Dark Arts classes[6].

Around the Christmas season, Professor Remus Lupin assigned his third-year Defence Against the Dark Arts class an essay on vampires, which Neville Longbottom had difficulty with due to a misunderstanding about their aversion to garlic[7].


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