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Mr Dursley[1]

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Director of Grunnings[1]

"Mr Dursley was the director of a firm called Grunnings, which made drills. He was a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, although he did have a very large moustache."
—A summary of Vernon Dursley.[src]

Mr. Vernon Dursley was a muggle and the patriarch of the Dursley family[1]. He owned the drill-making company Grunnings; he also owned a briefcase and an extremely boring tie, which he wore whilst driving to work in his car one morning[1].



On 1 November, 1981, the Dursley family awoke to a dull grey Tuesday, the same as every other day[1]. Vernon hummed as he selected the most boring outfit he owned whilst listening to his wife Petunia gossiping about their neighbours, who she spied on over the garden fence[1]. His day was constantly disrupted by a variety of paranormal activities such as owls swooping about in broad daylight, and witches and wizards wandering about in cloaks; his worries only increased when Ted and Jim McGuffin read a weather report about shooting stars instead of the promised rain[1].

The next day, 2 November, he was awoken by his wife screaming at the sight of their nephew Harry lying in a bundle of blankets on their doorstep, having been delivered by Albus Dumbledore[1].


By this time, Harry had been given a small cupboard underneath the stairs as residence, and Dudley received thirty-seven birthday presents for his eleventh birthday[4]. Vernon and Petunia took Harry, Dudley and Dudley's friend Piers Polkiss to the zoo, where the glass containing a boa constrictor vanished and Piers and Dudley nearly fell into the tank[4].


The previous summer, Vernon had learned that his nephew was a wizard and hadn't seen him since the previous September[5]. This summer, however, Vernon forced Harry to lock his owl Hedwig into her cage, while Vernon and Petunia locked Harry's wand, robes, cauldron and spellbooks into the cupboard under the stairs[2].

Personality and traitsEdit

He was a rather rude, selfish man, as he spent his whole morning yelling at people, although he also seemed to be quite worrisome and paranoid such as that he was frightened of his wife when he mentioned her family[1].

Physical appearanceEdit

Vernon was rather large and "beefy", with hardly any neck and a rather large moustache[1]. His hair and moustache were both black and bushy[2].


Notes and referencesEdit

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